Women in Business-Here’s What You Need to Know

Although the trend towards women being in leadership and entrepreneurial position is on the rise, there still is a lot of stigmas, challenges, and discrimination that females face in the field, especially in a country like India. When we put it into perspective, women lead companies, and businesses comprise only a small portion of top business industries. If you are one of those strong, powerful women who has picked up the baton and joined the family business or are in a CEO or CFO position, or just started your start-up, here are some essential things to consider while you champion the spirit of women leadership.

Bring in some diversity.

A diverse workforce is an innovative and productive workforce. Different kinds of people pitch in myriad ideas, perspectives, conclusions, and solutions! Challenging one another and learning will bring innovation and ingenuity, ultimately pushing your organization further. A career coach can guide you in the right direction and give constructive criticism as well as suggestions regarding the same

Women and Consumer Spending

Women could contribute more than $20 trillion in consumer spending every year by 2050, according to McKinsey Global Institute Report.

That’s a bigger growth market than many countries in the world. So, they wield a lot of power in their hands. Suppose you’re starting a business or are already handling one. In that case, it might be essential to address the needs of women since a female-led diverse workforce can relate to the needs of not only just women but men, transgender, etc. as well.

Keep Evolving

It’s important to let your desire grow and learn to be bigger than the fear of failure. One should be a master at their craft. In this ever-changing world, evolving and nudging off stagnancy is essential. Executive coaching greatly helps you in finding your unique edge. If you’re selling services, make sure they’re available online, package them into digital products and listen to the consumer. Creating and funding big programs, building networks, and mobilizing people around you to a cause is imperative for growth and sustenance.

Have you ever felt that your voice or body language lacks the unique edge that makes you stand out? Honing your verbal and non-verbal messages is vital to be leadership material. Executive presence coaching for women helps you do just that. Constantly working towards the goal shall make that possible as well.


“Don’t follow the crowd. Let the crowd follow you.”

― Margaret Thatcher