How fit is your mental muscle?

  • Do you often engage in negative self-talk or battling self-doubt and limiting beliefs that hinder your progress and confidence?
  • Are stress and anxiety affecting your daily life, and do you seek effective ways to manage these emotions and build greater resilience?
  • Do you struggle with procrastination, lack of motivation, or difficulty achieving your goals?
  • Are you looking for strategies to boost your productivity and maintain focus?
  • Would you be open to changing long-standing mental habits that don’t benefit you?
A powerful mental fitness is the foundation of a powerful Executive Presence

-Kshitij Sharma

A powerful Executive Presence rests on a foundation of solid mental fitness. A relaxed and calm mind, positive outlook and high emotional intelligence empower leaders to navigate challenges with grace and inspire confidence in their teams.


Picture a leader facing a high-stakes crisis—their mental strength enables them to stay composed, make informed decisions, and inspire confidence in their groups, illustrating the integral link between inner resilience and a compelling external presence.


A powerful executive presence is often associated with individuals who exude confidence, authority, and charisma in professional settings. Mental fitness is indeed a bedrock of a powerful Executive Presence. Here’s how strong mental fitness contributes to this presence:

  1. Confidence and Self-Assuredness: Mental fitness helps individuals develop a strong sense of self-confidence and self-assuredness. When executives are mentally fit, they are better equipped to handle challenging situations, confidently make decisions, and communicate their ideas and vision. This confidence is crucial to executive presence, as it instills trust and respect among peers, subordinates, and stakeholders.
  2. Emotional Intelligence: Mental fitness often goes hand-in-hand with high emotional intelligence (EQ). Executives with strong EQ can understand and manag their own emotions as well as the emotions of those around them. This allows them to build meaningful relationships, navigate complex interpersonal dynamics, and respond effectively to their team members’ and colleagues’ needs and concerns. Such emotional intelligence is fundamental to executive presence, fostering empathy and effective communication.
  3. Resilience and Adaptability: Executives encounter numerous challenges and setbacks in the fast-paced and often unpredictable business world. Mental fitness provides the foundation for resilience and adaptability in adversity. Mentally fit executives are more likely to remain composed under pressure, bounce back from setbacks, and adapt their strategies to changing circumstances. This ability to stay poised and adaptable in challenging situations is a hallmark of a powerful executive presence, as it inspires trust and confidence in their leadership.


In summary, mental fitness contributes significantly to developing a powerful executive presence by enhancing confidence, fostering emotional intelligence, and promoting resilience and adaptability. These qualities make executives more effective leaders and inspire trust, respect, and admiration from their peers and teams, ultimately strengthening their presence in the corporate world.


A powerful Executive Presence isn’t just about outward projection but a reflection of inner strength (mental fortitude), an indispensable asset for effective leadership.

The Importance of Growing Your Mental Fitness.

To embark on a journey of self-improvement and mental fitness is to recognize and confront the common challenges that can hold us back from realizing our full potential. Our mind is a double-edged sword that might limit us from reaching greater heights or help us delve into boundless possibilities. The key lies in how we choose to train it!

In our lives, innumerable hurdles limit our personal and professional growth. However, there is a transformative solution that offers a path to greater mental resilience and well-being. The Positive Intelligence (PQ) Boot Camp, a science-based trusted system founded and created by Shirzad Chamine (A Stanford Professor and Author of the book Positive Intelligence), is designed similarly to a gym membership program to build your mental fitness.

As you work on your mental fitness, you will observe the positive impact you have at your work and home. You will learn to spend more time in a positive state of being and less time being judgmental, controlling, avoiding, and self-sabotaging yourself.

Sometimes, when we try to make positive changes, we only understand the ideas but don’t turn them into habits. Lasting change comes from forming new habits by practicing them every day. The PQ program helps you turn what you’ve learned into action and make positive habits part of your daily routine.

Tangible Benefits of Mental Fitness

Core Elements of Mental Fitness – The 3 Essential Mental Muscle

Much like a gym membership for your mind, PQ Boot Camp equips you with the tools and techniques needed to address challenges head-on. In this exploration, we’ll delve into the problems many face and discover how the Program provides practical solutions, empowering individuals to take control of their mental fitness and unlock their true potential.


Positive Intelligence Solution

Negative Self-Talk and Sabotaging Beliefs

Many struggle with persistent negative self-talk and beliefs that limit them from reaching their full potential.

These beliefs can lead to self-doubt, fear, and self-sabotage.

The Program addresses this problem by helping participants identify and challenge these negative thought patterns. It introduces the concept of the “Saboteur Interceptor Muscle,” which empowers individuals to recognize and replace negative thought patterns with more empowering and positive beliefs. By strengthening this muscle, participants gain control over self-doubt and fear, allowing them to reach their full potential.

Stress, Anxiety, and Overwhelm

Modern life often comes with high pressure, anxiety, and overwhelming levels.

Such negative emotions can take a toll on physical and mental health.

Participants learn tools and techniques of mindful practices, stress-reduction strategies, and ways to stay calm and focused in challenging situations. The “Sage Muscle” concept encourages individuals to approach challenges clearly and calmly, reducing stress and anxiety and developing emotional resilience.

The Program addresses issues related to procrastination by helping participants boost their motivation and cultivate discipline.

Procrastination and Lack of Motivation

This hinders personal and professional progress.

Many struggle to maintain discipline and focus on essential tasks.

The “Self-Command Muscle” concept enables individuals to choose not to stress over things they can’t control, push aside self-doubts, recover from disappointments immediately, and spend less time in unproductive emotions. Practical strategies for goal-setting, productivity, and maintaining focus are provided, helping participants overcome procrastination and achieve their goals.

Positive Intelligence is not just a concept; it’s a practical tool that can transform your life in various ways. These mental muscles are the foundation for your growth and are the building blocks of a more resilient and mentally fit you. But that’s just the beginning!


The Program offers modules designed to harness the strength of these mental muscles for a wide range of applications in both your personal and professional life. You will continue to provide results in all domains of your lives:

Learn how to manage stress by understanding how your thoughts create it. Get personalized strategies to handle stress better.
Discover the link between your mind and body. Improve your sleep, diet, and exercise with smart and guided choices.
Find out how to maintain positive relationships with a simple 3-to-1 rule. Use Relationship Design techniques to build and sustain great connections
Avoid common parenting pitfalls caused by negative thinking. Learn how to raise mentally fit and resilient kids.
Access your inner wisdom to make career decisions that bring both achievement and satisfaction. Avoid falling into traps that lead to empty success.
Boost your emotional intelligence by weakening the power of negative thoughts and strengthening your self-control and positive mental traits.
Learn how to turn conflicts into win-win situations. Apply Sage Powers to handle even the toughest disagreements.
Overcome mental barriers that stifle creativity in yourself and discover how to tap into your creative potential.
Develop a leadership style that brings out the best in you and your team. Challenge old ways of thinking about leadership.

Stop your Saboteurs from sabotaging your performance. Create a personalized plan for peak productivity using your inner strength.

The Unique Approach

Imagine you are embarking on a journey to enhance your mental fitness. Most training programs might offer short-lived improvements akin to a temporary burst of energy. However, the PQ program takes a different path and stands out for its unique approach.

With Positive Intelligence, you opt for a holistic approach that transforms your mental well-being into a lifelong habit, addresses the root causes, and uses a powerful operating system to excel in various aspects of life.


In this analogy, Positive Intelligence is like that experienced mechanic. Instead of just masking issues or ignoring them, it delves deep into identifying the root causes of challenges affecting your performance and well-being. It’s about long-term solutions that lead to lasting improvements.


Mental fitness is not a short-term effort; it’s a lifelong journey towards mastery. This Program provides a platform for ongoing growth, from basic workouts to advanced training.


PQ program is not just a theory but grounded in real-world data. With a foundation built upon research involving over 500,000 participants from 50 countries, gathering insights from diverse backgrounds, including CEOs, students, elite athletes, and teams in sales, operations, and technology. Its approach is tried, tested, and validated by those who seek excellence in various fields.


Shirzad Chamine (1)

Shirzad Chamine, the acclaimed author of the New York Times bestselling book “Positive Intelligence,” is a prominent figure in psychology, coaching, and leadership. He has shared his expertise by lecturing on Positive Intelligence®️ at prestigious institutions like Stanford University and training faculty at Stanford and Yale business schools.


Shirzad has been the CEO of the world’s largest coach training organization. With a BA in psychology, an MS in electrical engineering, and an MBA from Stanford, he has established himself as a highly sought-after C-suite advisor, offering invaluable insights to numerous CEOs and their executive teams.


Empowering leaders by building a powerful mental muscle  is the key purpose of PQ Boot Camp. No matter how far you have advanced in your career, there are always new insights, different mindsets to explore, and more growth opportunities. PQ Boot Camp’s transformational experience has impacted leaders from different verticals. Here are a few stories from participants who embraced this Boot Camp journey and emerged equipped to grow themselves and their teams.

“During the camp, Kshitij created this emotionally safe place, it allowed the participants to share their vulnerabilities and develop trust.”


-Col. Abhishek Sharma, Leadership Coach & Facilitator

“Throughout the Boot Camp, I have learned the technique how to channelise energy positively and leading to improved focus, time management and overall well-being.”  


            -Amit Roda, Stock Trader and Stock Market Coach

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