Why Women Leadership Coaching

Why Women Leadership Coaching?

No country can truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half of its citizens – Michelle Obama. 


Women have been the source of inspiration and genesis for the human race for centuries.


In the Vedic age, women in India enjoyed a very high position and status in society. Women in those times were great scholars, and women like Gargi, Maiytrwyi, and Lopamudra were Brahmvadinis who expounded the Vedas and wrote hymns of Vedas.


In today’s world, many women leaders are a shining example of intelligence, foresightedness, and having a great vision.


Be it a man or a woman, to be successful, one has to deliver. Leadership is gender-neutral.


Only those leaders who display excellent leadership qualities get the responsibility of handling top jobs.


Women leaders, time and again, have proved that they are not any less than their male counterparts, and women leaders are more Conscientious, Connected, Courageous, and Creative.


While men are more decisive, women are more sensitive.


It is a quality that makes them unique and gives them an extra advantage in connecting with people and leading organizations.
Women are generally intuitive, empathetic, and heart-centered and don’t over rationalize things. It is this strength that gives them the courage to succeed against all odds and contribute at a higher level.


We feel that our society at large and corporations, in particular, will be better off if more and more women leaders come to the leadership positions.


In the corporate world, Biocon’s Kiran Mazumdar Shaw has proved that a woman can single-handedly build an empire if she sets her mind to it. Suneeta Reddy of Apollo Hospitals is known for her financial acumen and foresightedness. It is under her stewardship that Apollo Hospitals has emerged as a leading integrated healthcare enterprise. CEO of JP Morgan Kalpana Morparia is the only woman to head a large bank for over a decade. These examples and many more are proof that women can be exceptionally successful in any field.


It is unfortunate that despite having so much potential (more Conscientious, Connected, Courageous, and Creative) and with an excellent track record of being in leadership roles, women are not at the forefront of taking leadership roles.


Here are some shocking statistics:

  • Women Leaders in India: Nearly Half of the Indian Women Leave the Workforce between Junior and Middle Management Levels
  • Women hold only 20% of all senior roles in India.
  • Women hold only 7% of senior management roles.

(CEO/Managing Director).(Note: Data Source:  https://www.catalyst.org/research/women-in-management/ )


Global Statistics:

  • Very few women are CEOs of the world’s largest corporations. As of the May 2019 Fortune list, only 33 women (6.6%) were CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.
  • Women account for less than a third (29%) of senior roles globally.

(Note: Data Source:https://www.catalyst.org/research/women-in-the-workforce-global/)


Most common challenges faced by Women Leaders in the corporate world

1. Creating a powerful presence in a by and large, Male-dominated corporate culture: Most women leaders find themselves the only women amongst men in a business meeting. 

It can be a bit overwhelming at times. 

It can be a challenge to create a powerful presence for a woman for herself in a male dominated environment.


2. Managing the right work-life balance: Women leaders who are also mothers often feel guilty for not giving enough time to their families. Finding the right balance between work and personal life can be challenging.


3. Non-inclusive workplace culture: Women feel like an outsider at many workplaces as the culture in many organizations is yet to evolve to be inclusive for all.


4. Facing pay disparity compared to men colleagues:  Data across the globe shows that women are paid less compared to their male counterparts for the same job role.


5. Biases against women: There are still old stereotypes running in many organizations where they think that women are less competent than men. So the women have to work extra hard to get critical job roles and positions.


Women Leadership Coaching


At CoachKshitij, our purpose is to support women leaders fulfill their potential, rediscover their greatness, and get the due credit in the corporate world and society at large.

Women in top leadership roles can bring in a massive shift in the quality, effectiveness, and fulfillment at work.
We can achieve this through a focused one-to-one Leadership Coaching for Women Leaders.


How does Women Leadership Coaching Work?

A coach can empower in the following way:


1. Asks a lot of powerful questions to facilitate learning and insights. 

2. Acts as a sounding board.

3. Positively challenge the women leaders to reach their best potential.  

4. Help the women leaders stay focused on the solutions rather than focusing on problems.

5. Help the women leaders discover their greatness within. 


Kshitij is an exceptional Executive coach in India for women leaders.


He has successfully coached several women leaders across industries, and his passion to coach women leaders has helped them achieve desired success in both their professional and personal lives.


If you or any of the women leader you know wants to take leadership coaching, you may contact Kshitij for Executive coaching in Bangalore.