Why Senior Leaders need a Powerful Executive Presence

Why Senior Leaders need a Powerful Executive Presence?

As a Senior Leader in your organization, it’s your responsibility to drive your organization /team towards its vision.

This journey cannot be traversed in isolation, you need the support and association of various stakeholders in your ecosystem.

Having an executive presence makes your communication effective because it makes you communicate with confidence, poise, authentically, and with a high level of emotional intelligence. When you interact from a higher level of presence, you create a positive impact and get the desired results.

Before understanding why Senior Leaders need a powerful executive presence or need executive presence coaching, lets first understand what challenges they usually face:

Navigating the constant change: The Senior Leaders have to navigate through a continuous change both at the industry level and at the organizational level. It is critical to remain balanced and make the right decisions and communicate the strategies to the team members to adapt to these changes.

Making constant progress despite challenges: If you are a Senior Leader, you are responsible for your company’s current and future growth.

It is easy to get pulled in different directions to provide results and lose focus towards creating opportunities for future growth.

Succeeding amidst the competition: A Senior Leaders job is to keep its company ahead of the prevailing competition. In every industry, there is a lot of competition. So a leader has to make sure that she/he leads the organization towards innovation and establishes credibility with clients. She/He needs to continuously keep adding value to customers to retain them and get references from them.

Building a team of talented professionals: One individual cannot write a success story for any company all alone.

It takes a team to achieve this feat.

So hiring the right talent and retaining it is another big challenge that the Senior Leaders face. They need to constantly improvisenew ways to motivate and inspire team members to win their loyalty and commitment.

Taking time out to reflect and come up with solutions: Since a Senior Leader has so many responsibilities, it is a challenge for them to take time out and reflect. It is the most critical activity for them if they want to be effective and succeed, but it becomes difficult for them to take that time out.

In the light of the above challenges that the Senior Leaders face let us now look at the reasons why they need a powerful executive presence and hence a focused executive presence coaching.

Five reasons why Senior Leaders need a powerful Executive Presence

Visibility for the CXO roles

Executive presence inspires confidence in the management about a Senior Leaders ability to take on higher responsibilities. It makes decision-makers have a positive and high opinion for them, and that is what makes them offer these Senior LeadersCXO level responsibilities.

Gaining Trust /Confidence of the Team

The Senior Leaders who gets promoted for CXO roles and responsibilities must gain acceptance from the team members and all other stakeholders in order to thrive in their role. If they have apowerful executive presence, it becomes easier to gain acceptability from them. It results in greater cooperation from them towards common success.

Ease of Execution

When a senior leader hasa powerful executivepresence, it creates a positive impact on the environment and all factors that may have the potential to create obstacles fall away. Conflicts don’t arise as leaders with high executive presence make everyone feel included. It paves way to seamless execution of projects and great ideas.

Driving High Performance Culture

Senior Leaders with higher executive presence due to their higher emotional intelligence can establish excellent relationships with co-workers.   They hear all opinions, gives significance to everyoneas appropriate, and everyone feels secure under their leadership. It makes the focus of the team members more organization centric and brings out their personal best.

Driving the team towards common Vision

The Senior Leaders with executive presence can bring the focus of the team towards the vision. They can inspire them to fulfill the company vision, and they recognize those who work towards it. It motivates others to work towards the organization’s vision. So the entire team unites to fulfill the company vision, and that creates success for them.

Coach Kshitij is a successful CXO coach and is known in the field of executive presence coaching. He has worked in multinational organizations at the senior level and then as a founder of a successful training and coaching company.

As a CXO coach,it is his passion to help senior corporate executives to experience career fulfillment and achieve their most cherished goals like a promotion to the next level or starting their venture.For either case executive presence coaching can help them get ready for the next level

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