How executive coaching works

How executive coaching works?

Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside awakes. – Carl G. Jung

As asenior corporate leader or entrepreneur sometimes along the path of success, you may feel as if something is amiss.

It sometimes feels that despite all your achievements, there is still something more that you could achieve. There are dreams that you have not yet realized. There are things that you had planned but have not taken any actions on them.

Life’s journey is never a straight road to your most cherished dreams. However, you do see many people who are achieving and realizing their visions.

How are they doing it?

One of the secret is that all of these successful entrepreneurs and corporate leaders have a coach. Most successful people invest in one to one coaching and hire the best executive coach for themselves.

So you may ask how executive coaching or leadership coaching helps them achieve their dreams and vision. How does executive coaching work?

According to the best executive coaches in India, coaching helps the senior leaders and entrepreneurs in bringing out their untapped potential.

Those who are already good performers can make it great with the focused coaching of an executive coach.

Executive coaching works in the following way:

It shifts your awareness:

The best executive coach asks you questions that are like flashlights into your inner awareness. You start to become aware of your challenges. About what bothers you, what sort of people put you off, what type of personalities intimidate you, what are your weaknesses, what are your strengths, and above all, he/shebrings you in touch with the greatness that you already have within you with these questions.

Helps you become clear about your purpose and helps you fine-tune it:  If you are not clear about your life purpose, you end up making choices that can take you in a different direction far away from your cherished purpose which may drain you in energy and take away a lot of precious time.When you get in touch with your life purpose, your mental and emotional energy completely shifts. You can see the meaning behind each of your actions, and that itself is a big game-changer. If you are not clear about your life purpose, an executive coach acts as a sounding board and helps you gain clarity about it. He/shedigs deep inside to help you see your life purpose. If you are already clear about it, he/shehelps you fine-tune it. This clarity helps you in making the right choices, take the right actions, and move in the right direction.

Helps you create an actionable plan to get there:  A goal without a plan is a mere wish. You need actionable steps to turn your vision or purpose into reality.

With the help of one to one coaching, you can build strategies and action steps to achieve your vision or dream. An executive coach here acts as a career coach. You can sit with an executive coach and explore various paths and options of realizing your dreams. A coach may sometimes ask you to opt for an option that challenges you and is out of your comfort zone. The role of the coach is to stand with the highest intent for you and help you grow out of your comfort zone to achieve your most cherished dreams. It can sometimes be difficult for some people, but the result is always what they desire. It makes them feel grateful for it.

Action:  In this stage of your coaching experience, you take actual steps to execute your plan. It is the beginning of your journey towards realizing thecherished goals one after another. It is the most exciting part and is the most challenging part at the same time. It is a stage that tests your commitment. You may falter, and it is the coach’s job to be your anchor and support. The best executive coach is the one who understands this and helps you keep at it. He/shehelps you to connect with that inner greatness that motivates you to take action every time you take a detour. The Coachhelps you to connect back with your vision and dream. He/shehelps you to stay on track.

If one thing doesn’t work, the coachprompts you to come up with a  new solution, and like this you keep moving forward towards the goal.

Celebrate success:  At this stage, you overcome your obstacles and realize your most cherished vision. It is a time to celebrate your success and move towards even higher goals.

Kshitij Sharma is one of the best executive coach in India, and he has been into leadership coaching in Bangalore for the past two decades.

The coaching process by Coach Kshitij:

Period: 3 to 6 months:  The total duration of the coaching process is 3 to 6 months.  It is because growth is a systematic process, and each step towards success builds itself over another.

Number of sessions 8 to 12:  There is a total of 8 to 12 sessions during this period.  It is because, after each session, one needs to take some actions that we decide during the session for further progress.

Duration 90 minutes each:  The sessions are 90 minutes each, giving ample time to the client to address his issues and concerns and formulate our strategy to solve them.

One on one:  The coaching process is one on one.  It creates space for focused conversations around specific goals of the leader with complete focus and attention.

Completely confidential as per ICF codes of ethics: Coach Kshitij guarantees that all the information shared by an executive during the coaching session will remain confidential.   It is in keeping with the norms of ICF codes of coaching ethics.

Common Goals set by Executives during Coaching:

  • Enhancing Executive Presence
  • Developing second line of leaders
  • Enhanced personal effectiveness
  • Improved collaborative mind-set
  • Excellent Stakeholder Relationships
  • Overcoming limiting self-beliefs
  • Improved presentation and public speaking
  • Achieving time bound business results.
  • Enhanced work life balance
  • Improved Team relationships
  • Reduced Conflicts
  • Clarity about purpose
  • Enhanced Communication and Influencing Skills
  • Improved Emotional Intelligence
  • Assertiveness
  • Strategic mind-set