EP3C Women Leadership Coaching Model 

EP3C Women Leadership Coaching Framework  

EP3C stands for Executive Presence, and the 3 Cs are Clarity, Communication, and Confidence.  
It is a leadership coaching model. This model focuses on developing specific leadership skills in those women leaders on the threshold of becoming CXOs of a large organization and start-up founders.
Coach Kshitij developed this model over the years of coaching women leaders for over two decades of coaching hundreds of women leaders.



For any leader to succeed, they must have absolute clarity on various aspects of their work and life:

Clarity of Purpose

Clarity of Vision 

Clarity of Short and Long term goals

Clarity of their strengths 

Clarity of Blind Spots 

Clarity of opportunities.

So on and so forth.

Clarity is pivotal in making important decisions in both professional and personal life as a leader. If we are clear about our values and our priorities, then decision-making becomes easy.

Absolute clarity reduces conflict in making choices and saves a lot of time and energy


What kind of clarity is needed?


1. Purpose – The purpose of life is to discover our innate gifts. When our work is in alignment with our talents and strengths, then we start flowing with the flow. When we become clear about our purpose, success becomes easy and effortless. 
Therefore, the clarity of purpose for all women leaders is essential for their success.


2. Goals – For any leader to succeed, clarity of goals is paramount, both short term and long term. A goal is nothing but a dream with a definite plan of action. When we define our goals and become clear about them, then we feel motivated to take action. When we act in a focused way and are full of energy, then success becomes a natural outcome.


3. Approach /Strategy to reach the goals – To achieve our goals, we need a well-defined strategy. Though anyone can create a strategic plan with a little effort, however, with leadership coaching or executive coaching, our awareness starts expanding, and we come up with ideas that are beyond our logical mind. During the coaching, we can connect with our innate intelligence, and this makes all the difference. It enables us to access our higher potential, which not only ensures our success but our fulfillment as a leader as well.



1. Ability to influence: In the global environment and Metrix structure, the success of any leader depends on their ability to influence others. Communication plays a very significant role in our ability to influence others. 


During the women Leadership coaching, women leaders learn many ways in which they can enhance their communication skills and hence ability to influence others.


2. Ability to inspire a team: There are many ways in which one can influence others, and one of the very significant ways is by inspiring our team. We inspire our team with our communication and our Executive presence. Women leadership coaching helps the women leaders find that greatness within them and an ability to inspire others.


3. Ability to be Assertive: 

Assertiveness is all about not saying Yes when we want to say No. A leader has to be assertive to be successful. It requires clarity and conviction to stand by our own choices and decisions. Assertiveness helps others know our real preferences. When we are assertive, people know us for who we are. It makes life easy for us as a leader. During women’s leadership coaching, women leaders learn the art of being assertive.



Not only is it significant for women leaders to feel confident, but it is also of significance to exhibit confidence. In leadership coaching, we work on higher-order skills to not only feel confident but on how to display that confidence.
How to inspire trust in stakeholders: Leaders who are confident and communicate confidently inspire confidence in the stakeholders. 


When her self-confidence is high, then she inspires trust in others too. During women leadership coaching, a leader gets in touch with her innate greatness that takes her confidence to the next level, and this increases her ability to inspire trust in stakeholders as well.


Executive Presence

Why Executive Presence is needed?


Executive presence is needed to inspire confidence in everyone working with us, be it our team members, stakeholders, or senior leaders. When we have a powerful executive presence, we attract the right opportunities within and outside the organization. Whether it is a promotion or a critical job responsibility, when we have an executive presence, we can inspire confidence in the decision-makers, and they trust us with higher responsibilities. 


We work on the following aspects and more: 
During women leadership coaching, coach Kshitij works on the following dimensions:


2. Emotional intelligence: Leaders with a strong executive presence are emotionally intelligent too. They are sensitive and present to the needs of their colleagues, and this helps them connect with them. Such leaders win the trust and respect of their team. Women leadership coaching helps one develop emotional intelligence and forge a bond of trust with their coworkers.  


3. Personal brand: Women leadership coaching helps a leader build her brand by knowing her presence, nurturing her charisma, mastering her public speaking, articulating her life purpose, being a master influencer, enhancing her emotional intelligence, and cultivating heart leadership.


If you feel that you or anyone you know can benefit from women leadership coaching, you can contact coach Kshitij.


Kshitij has been an excellent coach for many women leaders who are now experiencing great results in their personal and professional lives. Kshitij is easy to work with, and he has a special connection with women leaders because of which several leaders continue to associate with him throughout their professional journey and at all critical junctures.