Good to great

Good to great: Your Executive Coaching journey

What got you here won’t get you there. – Marshall Goldsmith


If you, as a senior leader, want to move ahead to create higher success, it calls for a greater need to evolve. It is because if you desire a leap in your career, you have to be in alignment with it. 


Executive coaching helps you create that alignment. 
It helps successful leaders get even better at what they do. It is for those senior leaders who are willing to change to get the results that they want.  


These are the leaders who have achieved many milestones in their careers and are doing well. At the same time, they feel that they are ready for bigger things in life. 


They feel that they have more potential, which they need to unleash to achieve bigger goals in their lives. They want to contribute to their organizations and leave a legacy behind.


Executive coaching is a journey from good to harnessing the greatness within. It enables a leader to serve a purpose that is higher than oneself and finding the resources within to do that.


As you grow in seniority, you realize that whatever has made you successful up to this position will not necessarily take you to the next level. It is so because, with growth in your career, your context and environment change. 


You confront different types of challenges. So whatever skill sets, behavior, and approach helped you come this far may not be enough to create the next level of your success.


It is where leadership coaching or executive coaching comes into the picture. An executive coach helps senior leaders unravel their goals one by one and helps them formulate strategies to achieve those goals.


How you move from good to being great?


Focused leadership coaching from an ICF certified executive coach for a period of 6 to 9 months can expedite your journey to rediscovering your greatness within.


You travel through this journey from being good to great by reflecting on various significant aspects of your life.


1. Clarity of Life purpose

There is no higher motivator than being clear about your life purpose. 


When you become clear about your purpose, you are easily able to access that greatness within you, which inspires you to reach for the bigger things in the first place. When you access the magnificence within you, you have a desire to do something extraordinary. We all have a desire deep within us to leave a legacy and be known for our contribution and work. It lies deep within us, dormant until we rekindle it.


2. Making short term and long term goals

When you become clear about your short-term and long-term goals, your actions become very focused. It leads to higher success and growth. 


During your sessions of executive coaching, you identify your short term and long term goals.


3. Identifying your strengths 

Your strengths are the tools to fulfill your life purpose. So it is very significant that you identify your strengths and use them to your advantage. During an executive coaching session, you identify your strengths more clearly and make strategies to use them to your advantage. 


4. Having a Positive Belief system

No matter how successful we are, not all of our beliefs serve us. As we want to go ahead in life, we need to check how some of our belief systems are derailing or delaying our success. A coach helps you see that and helps you creating empowering beliefs that can take you to the next level.


5. Having a definite plan in place to achieve your goals

Senior leaders are often good at planning, but with an executive coach as your sounding board, you do more accurate planning that brings you sure success.


6. Taking Actions regularly

If you want to grow to the next level, taking action is imperative. Your action step is what creates the ripple effects in your environmental matrix. 


It gets you the results that you want and if you are not getting the results that you want, then reflecting on it is the first step from where you begin.


If you find some aspects of your behavior do not help you get the results you want, then you have got to be willing to change that. 
Change requires some effort on your part, and your commitment to the goal is very significant. An executive coach can help you be clear about what changes you need in your behavior/action to exactly get the results that you want, but you too must be committed to taking action steps.


7. Supporting people around you in whatever way you can 

You emerge as a leader when you start supporting people around you in whatever way you can. When you discuss with a CXO coach your goals and your strengths, you also begin to identify the people and causes in your environment that you wish to support. It helps you win the trust and respect of people you start helping.


8. Live a life of passion.

When you make goals that are in alignment with your life purpose, you start living your life more passionately.  


9. You improve your interpersonal communication skills:

During the journey of executive coaching, as you become more reflective and awarer of your thoughts, your interpersonal communication improves manifolds. You start communicating with people very clearly what you expect from them, and you start getting better results in life.

Communication is the key differentiator when it comes to succeeding at a higher level. It can make or break people’s trust in you. It can win you a lifetime of friendships or make you lose some significant relationships. During executive coaching, we work on improving the interpersonal communication skills that help you create the desired level of success for you.


10. You develop a powerful executive presence:  

The end outcome of this entire effort is a powerful executive presence. Executive presence coaching facilitates this journey. It helps in enhancing your overall impact on your ecosystem. 


Coach Kshitij is a successful CXO coach and is well-known in the field of executive presence coaching. He has worked in multinational organizations at the senior level and then as a founder of a successful training and coaching company.


It is his passion to help senior corporate executives to experience career fulfillment and achieve their most cherished goals like a promotion to the next level or starting their venture.


To discuss Kshitij’s executive coaching services for yourself or the individuals in your organization, Contact Coach Kshitij for Executive Coaching in Bangalore.

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