Seeking Help: Is it a sign of weakness?

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Seeking Help: Is it a sign of weakness?


Quite often, I hear this from leaders “I am so proud that I didn’t go begging in front of him/her. I struggled a lot but never went and asked for help from anyone else”.

The irony is that seeking help or taking coaching is being perceived as synonymous with weakness.

And when it comes to seeking coaching or counseling, a lot of us feel strong resistance from within. It’s perceived as a weakness as one considers it as a sign of lacking something in oneself. It is general conditioning or perception in our society at large.

 As a result of that, we do not seek help and hence do not move forward. A lot of times, I have heard leaders saying,” I mentor others or coach others, and I am not the one who needs coaching”.

If we do not seek help, then there are chances that we may be left with our lone perspective in our world. It leaves us with fewer choices to manifest our dreams. It restricts us in several ways to experience the success that we deserve.

The reality is just the opposite. Seeking help is not at all a weakness, it is a sign of strength. 

Here are five reasons why seeking help or coaching from someone is not a sign of weakness, but it is a sign of strength:

1. Sign of Humility: Seeking help from someone is a sign of humility as it’s not easy to open up and be vulnerable in front of someone else. Sharing one’s challenges, aspirations, and dilemmas with a coach requires courage, and it reflects humility. Humility is a virtue of strength rather than weakness.


2. Sign of Growth Mindset: When we are open to seeking help, we are displaying a growth mindset. It conveys that we are high on learning orientation. A growth mindset leader feels that there is always a scope for improvement. It means we are willing to learn from others in life, and it is a sign of strength.

3. Sign of Optimism: If we seek help from someone, we are opening to new possibilities for ourselves. It is a submission that anything is possible and a new solution is possible. It is optimism, which is a strength and not a weakness.

4. Sign of Respecting Diversity: Seeking help means we respect diversity i.e. different opinions and diverse views. Not all minds think alike, so when we are seeking help, in reality, we are transcending beyond our thinking. Therefore, taking help can only make us stronger.

5. Neuro-plasticity: As per the latest neuroscience research, our brain can completely change as we learn new things. It is proven that coaching helps in developing new neural pathways in our brains. It always opens up new possibilities, develops new behavior, and new ways of thinking. Therefore, if we take coaching or any other help in your life, it always makes us stronger as a person.

If we look at history, the eminent leaders, be it political, business, or social reformers right from Swami Vivekananda to Mahatma Gandhi and from Jack Welch to Dr. Wayne Dyer, all had one thing in common. All of them considered seeking help as a sign of strength.

Tony Robbins says, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’v


e always gotten.”

So, if we want to create a new reality for ourselves, let’s be open to seeking help from others, as it works.

Take Action: If you resonate with what you read above, please take the following steps:

1. Identify one area in your life /career/profession where you are not satisfied with your performance.

2. Identify one person around you who is performing very well in that area.

3. Go and seek help.


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