7 Step Master Framework to boost Executive Presence

7 Step Master Framework to boost Executive Presence

We are kept from our goal, not by obstacles but by a clear path to a lesser goal –Bhagavad Gita.

Finding fulfillment in life and career is a worthwhile goal. There are many leaders in the world in different fields who are successful but not necessarily fulfilled. So what is the difference between being successful and being fulfilled?

While success comes from outside as position, money, and recognition, fulfillment comes from within.

Fulfillment comes when we use our intelligence and talent to serve a cause that is meaningful for us.  And that’s the beginning of us rediscovering our innate greatness.

All of us have an innate greatness within us and as we rediscover it, our body and mind start to work in alignment with our spirit.

We start creating a massive positive impact on our immediate environment or ecosystem.

It is at this juncture, we develop a powerful Executive Presence.

The Three critical Dimensions of Self Growth

Lest explore what is holistic self-growth and how the three critical dimensions of our being, viz.  Body, Mind and Spirit needs focused nurturing to build a powerful Executive Presence.


Research in the field of neuroscience reveals that chemicals secreted in our cells and neurotransmitters impact our behavior.

A leader’s vitality, health, and energy level have a direct impact on her/his charisma and confidence. Following the best health practices like good sleep, nutrition, exercise, and deep breathing to oxygenate the brain help to improves self-confidence and results in higher success.  Focused nurturing of these aspect can lay the foundation of a powerful executive presence.


Having a calm mind is a significant dimension of executive presence. The more a leader can stay in a state of calm during pressure, the more positively she/he impacts the immediate ecosystem. Whereas, a leader with a disturbed mind ends up creating more disturbance in the team and organization.

A leader with a calm mind is a keen listener, always focused on solutions in the face of challenges, and has a 360-degree grasp over the situation.

Such a leader has a powerful executive presence, and she/he can influence his team with his emotional intelligence. According to Shirzad Chamine (The Author of New York Times’ best seller, Positive Intelligence), if leaders can focus on enhancing their positive intelligence , they not only become mentally stronger but they end up achieving greater success in life.

Such a leader can create an environment where all team members feel inspired to give their best.

Executive presence coaching helps one develop emotional intelligence and Positive Intelligence.


Living from one’s spirit means living from your deeper values and doing things that are more meaningful for you. When we make choices that are in alignment with the purpose of our spirit, we feel fulfilled. Not only that, it makes us serve causes that are bigger than ourselves.

It impacts the world in a very profound and positive way.

When you live from your spirit, you get clear about your life purpose and vision. You develop heart leadership as you lead not because of your position of authority but because you feel connected to everyone and everything around you, genuinely care for it and therefore want to contribute towards its welfare.

7 Step Master Framework

After thorough research and two decades of dedicated study in the field of personal development, KshitijSharmahas formulated a 7-step master framework to help senior leaders boost their executive presence.

Here is a detailed description of the 7-step Master Framework:

Step – 1
Know your presence:

If you want to take the journey from good to being great, it starts from becoming aware of where you are.

So to take your executive presence to the next level, you need to know where you are. What impact are you creating on your environment?

What your stakeholders are thinking about you? What do you need to change concerning your presence to achieve the desired results?

Step – 2
Nurture your charisma

The second most important thing is your charisma.

You can nurture your charisma.

According to “The charisma Myths,” written by Olivia Fox Cabane, charisma has three main components. One is focus charisma, in which a person having this charisma is a keen listener and makes people feel respected and heard. Example- Oprah Winfrey.

The second component of charisma is power. People who display power are the ones who have a conviction in their ideas, they are a visionary, and they reflect some degree of authority as well. Example – Barak Obama.

The third component of charisma is warmth. These are the leaders who display warmth and connection with everyone. Example – Dalai Lama.

Any person can nurture theircharisma by being more mindful of their presence and also by being clear about the vision and purpose.This can be achieved bystaying centered in one’s heart rather than in the head. Though it requires practice and discipline, one can develop it with the help of executive presence coaching.

Step -3 
Master your public speaking

Another very significant area where executive presence coaching helps is mastering the art of public speaking. As a leader, you get many opportunities to present your ideas to your team and the various stakeholders. This an opportunity to create a great visibility for yourself by speaking in a succinct and impactful way.By doing this you come across as a confident and influential leader and present your ideas positively and effectively.  You can establish yourself as a thought leader if you have a way with words

Step – 4
Articulate your life purpose

When you articulate your life purpose, you become clear about the most important values of your life. You get to know what the most meaningful thing in life is for you.

When you become clear about your purpose, you make choices according to it, and that keeps you motivated to take action. If your life is full of activities that you do not feel motivated to perform, then it means those activities are not in alignment with your life purpose. To navigate through the choices that we feel compelled to make rather than motivated to make is where executive presence coaching tremendously helps senior leaders and entrepreneurs.

Step – 5
Be a master Influencer.

As Kenneth Blanchard puts it,” The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority.” As a visionary leader, you are requiredto steer the team members towards the organizational vision.

An ability to influence and inspire is neededso that the team work with enthusiasm to achieve this vision.

Through focused executive presence coaching journey for a period of 4 to 6 months, you sharpen your influencing skills and eventually become a master influencer.

Step – 6
Enhance your Emotional Intelligence/Positive Intelligence

According to David Goleman, an American psychologist, Emotional Intelligence is our ability to recognize and understand emotions, andour skill at using this awareness to manage our self and our relationships with others

In our overall success and growth a high emotional intelligence plays a very critical role.

Anyone who has a well-developed emotional intelligence can influence others. Therefore identifying what can derail you from your calm and peaceful state and working on it is critical to your long-term success. Having emotional intelligence can help you sail through any adverse situation successfully. This is a critical component of a powerful Executive presence.It is where executive presence coaching can help you tremendously.

Step – 7
Cultivate heart leadership

Heart leadership is all about your ability to connect with people of different races, religions, cultures, nationalities, and color.

A heart-centered leader is someone who transcends beyond judgment, dislike, or discomfort towards people who are different than him/her. Those leaders who value people based on their human potential rather than the classification of gender, religion, or color win the hearts of people around them and win their trust and support.

The more you grow towards respecting the differences, the more you grow in your executive presence and can impact the world around you.

Coach Kshitij is a successful CXO coach and is well-known in the field of executive presence coaching. He has worked in multinational organizations at the senior level and then as a founder of a successful training and coaching company.

It is his passion to help senior corporate executives to experience career fulfillment and achieve their most cherished goals like a promotion to the next level or starting their venture.

To discuss Kshitij’s executive coaching services for yourself or the individuals in your organization, Contact Coach Kshitij for Executive Coaching in Bangalore.

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