5 reasons why seeking coaching is not a sign of weakness

When it comes to seeking help from someone like taking coaching or counselling some people feel resistance.  They feel that it is a sign of weakness because they perceive taking help as a sign of them lacking something in their personality.  As a result to that these people do not seek help and never get an objective view of their own problems.  This is quite ironical because as human beings we all face some or the other challenges in some or the other area of our life.   So if we seek someone’s help in the form of coaching it always helps us to look at our problem or situation objectively.  If we do not seek help then there are chances that we may be left with our lone perspective in our own world.  This does not give us any freedom of choice.

Why this problem?

Why people do not seek help is because their conditionings and perceptions prevent them from taking help. People’s conditionings are a result of their environment.  Besides that there is no education in our schools about the importance and benefits of taking coaching or help from someone when faced with a challenge.

So here are 5 reasons why seeking help or coaching from someone is not a sign of weakness but it is a sign of strength.

1.  Sign of humility:  Seeking help from someone is a sign of humility as it requires humility to accept that there could be people who may be in a situation to help us.  This does not mean that we are not intelligent enough but it means that in some area we may be lacking perspective where a coach may help us.  It is also about acknowledging someone else’s strength, which requires humility which is a sign of strength rather than weakness.

2.  Sign of learning orientation:  If you seek help in the form of coaching from someone, it is a sign of your learning orientation.  This means you are willing to learn from others in life and it is a sign of strength.

3.  Creating possibility:  If you seek coaching from someone you open avenues of possibility for yourself.  Because you believe that you may get solutions even beyond your own thinking and a solution is possible for every situation.

4.  Respecting diversity:  Seeking help or coaching means you respect diversity i.e. different opinions and diverse views.  Because there is every possibility that your own views about something may be limiting you in certain ways and if you take a diverse view of someone else you may benefit from it.  Therefore, taking help can only make you stronger.

5.  Neuroscience background:  Neuroscience tells you that if you take coaching you develop new neural pathways in your brain.  This always opens up new possibilities, develops new behavior, and new ways of thinking.  Therefore, if you take coaching or any kind of help in your life it always makes you stronger as a person and not a weak person.

Conclusion:  Coaching helps you take an objective view of your life, opens up new possibilities for you and helps you become successful in your personal and professional life.

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